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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


The Albany City School Board
should be dissolved.

No more school budget votes.

The November 3 2015  defeat
of the 200 million dollar high
school should stand. The voters
have spoken.

The February 9 revote annulled.

Albany should return to a K-8
neighborhood school system.

The roof of the current High School
should be repaired.

This campus should be set aside
for students who value learning
and intend to go on to higher
education as well as become
good citizens.

Hackett Middle school should
become a GED charter school
for  students who would be best
served by learning practical
life skills, how to read, write
listen and speak coherently 
and become good citizens. 

The City schools should be
consolidated with city government.

One tax roll to finance both as
part of the City budget submitted
by the Mayor to the Common
Council for approval. 

Common Council Members
shall represent the people of
the wards who elect them, not
be a rubber stamp for the Mayor.

Administrative staff trimmed and
teachers assuming a greater role
in creating disciplined learning
environments tailored to the needs
and goals of students.

The Mayor and Common Council
shall be responsible and accountable
for the operation and performance
of City schools.

The Common Council shall pass
and send to the State Legislature
a Home Rule Request that the
above amendments be made to
state education law.

The Members of the State Senate 
Assembly who represent Albany
shall sponsor and obtain passage
of the necessary amendments to
NYS Education Law -this session.

                                             Joe Sullivan


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