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Monday, March 14, 2016


Buckingham Pond Park needs a
lot of work.

The City has removed dead trees
and limbs overhanging the footpath
at Berkshire South and Lenox.

A few more still remain near Euclid
South side, as well at other locations
including along Rafts Way, the Milner
Ave footpath and in the vicinity of
the holding pond and footpath leading
to the children's play area.

Erosion of footpaths from heavy rain
and running water needs to be
addressed, particularly near Euclid
and Berkshire South.

Perhaps, Sheriff Apple will provide
inmate work crews to assist in
resurfacing footpaths with gravel
in cooperation with City DGS
as we arranged last year?

We are looking forward to the
return of Jack and Carl as park
caretakers.They do an excellent
job each year.

The Buckingham Pond Conservancy
(not affiliated with the neighborhood
association) will hold a meeting to
discuss pond water quality, April 3
1 pm at Bethany Reformed Church.

Pond water quality is impacted
adversely by lawn chemical and
road salt run off from lawns and 
streets within the pond watershed.

Shoreline stabilization can be
achieved by planting a variety of
trees, bushes and plants suited
for that purpose.

These plants are available in
quantities at minimal costs from
local county soil and water
conservation districts that hold
annual Spring sales.

Note that the guard rails on
the roadway bordering the East
end of then pond park are
leaning toward the pond. This
is evidence of a gemorphological
processes known as soil creep
and slumping are taking place
similar to what is occurring
on the closed section of Krum
Kill Road.

One can expect that section
of road will, one day, slump
into the pond- unless the City
takes steps to address the problem.

Invasive plants such a purple
loosestrife, and the recent arrival
of knotweed also effect pond
water quality.

Dumping  of yard wastes along
Rafts Way and litter are another

Pond water quality is dependent
on addressing the above problems
as well as developing a woodland
management plan for the park
which includes replacement
planting of suitable trees and bushes
for the future.

The woodlands are a source of
much seasoned fire wood  and
wood chips which the City could
make available to neighborhood 
residents, on site.

                            Joe Sullivan


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