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Friday, January 01, 2016

9, 2016 ALBANY

The Albany School Board should
cancel the February 9, 2016
High School Renovation/
Construction proposal revote
until the November 2016
General Election.

City voters defeated the 196
million dollar high school
proposal in the November
3, 2016 General Election
by a small margin.

About 1,000 voters failed
to cast a vote either way
because the question was
on the reverse side of the
paper ballot.

The results of the 2015
General Election are final
for public office contests.

The same should hold true
for school district renovation/
construction proposal which
was defeated November 3.

No revotes!

There are additional reasons 
why any subsequent high school
renovation/construction proposal
should not be appear before the
November 2016 General Election:

1. Declining High School student
    numbers since 2007 and into
    the future.

2. No improvement in the 50%
    high school drop our rate.

It makes no sense for voters to
approve a 169 million dollar
high school renovation/construction
proposal for a student enrolment
of 2,200 students with a 50 % drop
out rate and further declining
student population at decades end.

3. This year, the City of Albany is
rezoning and reassessing single family
residential districts uptown, whch
pay the lion's share of property
taxes that support city schools and
city services.

The impact on the city property tax
base, and support for city schools/city
services could be disastrous.

4. The Albany City government budget
for this year has a 12 million dollar
shortfall,  the City is facing a number
of large lawsuits, both which are bound
to negatively impact City bond ratings
for a city teetering at the edge of

The solution?  A period of public debate
from January to the November General
Election and action by Senator Breslin
Assembly Members Fahy and McDonald
to sponsor, and pass, amendments to state
law providing:

1. that school financial propositions only
    appear on November General Election
    ballots, with results being final. No revotes!
2. that the city school district be consolidated
    with the city government

3.  that one property tax roll collection  fund

4. that the Mayor and Common Council be
    responsible and accountable for the
    operation and performance of city schools

5. that the City of Albany return to a K-8
    neighborhood public school system

6 that the Albany Common Council pass
   the required Home Rule Resolution and
   forward it to the State Legislature for
   action before the end of the 2016 legislative

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