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Friday, November 13, 2015


The 200 million dollar Albany City
School District Bond Act went down
to defeat by a mere 103 votes out of
11.000 cast.

Beware, the arrogant school board
will come back to a revote likely
in February when elderly homeowners
are least likely to go to the polls and
when the school board designates one
polling place per ward, both moves
designed to drive down voter turnout.

Our representatives in the State Senate
and Assembly, as well as Governor
Cuomo should pass and sign into law
at the November 17 Special Session
legislation that restricts votes on
school budgets and school bond acts
to November elections, with all
results being final - no reruns!

In the City of Albany, the school
board should be abolished, one
property tax roll established to
fund both city schools and city
services and the Mayor and Common
Council be made responsible and
accountable for the operation and
performance of city schools.

In addition, the city schools should
return to a K-8 neighborhood school
system which is best for students
parents, neighborhoods and property
tax payers.

The Common Council must pass
and send a Home Rule Resolution
to the State Legislature and Governor. 

Ask your Common Council Member
to sponsor and shepherd the required
Home Rule Resolution through passage
and delivery to the State Assembly/Senate.

Ask Senator Breslin and Assembly 
Members Fahy and McDonald to sponsor 
the necessary legislation
to achieve the above reforms.

Do these things without delay.

                               Joe Sullivan


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