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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dear  Neighbors

Thank you for your support in my recent campaign
for County Legislator District 10. 

We defeated the school bond act (for now) and helped elect
Ellen Roach to the School Board.

No time to wallow in disappointment. I offered district

voters a clear choice, with clear issue stands.
As usual, low turnout and party line
voting carried the day. 

The incumbent in County Legislative District 10
was elected with the votes of about 30 percent
of all eligible voters in the district who voted
the straight party line. About 60 percent of the
eligible voters stayed home, not voting.

Incumbents in neighboring wards 8 and 15
were unopposed and received about the same
vote as the incumbent in this district (1,500
votes each).

County Legislators in down and mid town
districts of the City of Albany were elected
with dismally  low numbers- in the hundreds.

1,250 of the City of Albany voters who
voted failed to vote either way on the 200
million dollar school bond act.

While you are celebrating Thanksgiving
Christmas , Hannukah and the New Year
the school board will be plotting a school
bond revote for February when turnout
will be even less than on Election Day past.

Wouldn't it be great if we had a revote
for all County wide and County legislative
district races then?

Better yet, your State Senate and Assembly
Members and Governor Cuomo could and
should, but won't
pass and sign a law that school bond acts
and school budget votes only be held at
General Elections and that the City of
Albany return to a K-8 neighborhood
school system, with one property tax
roll to support both city schools and city
services, and making the Mayor and 
Council responsible and accountable for
the operation/performance of city schools.

The challenges we face in the neighborhood, city

 and daily lives
continue to exist.

Any thinking person can see what lies ahead.

Government can not save us. We must save ourselves

our country and our government.

We have a good neighborhood because of  30 years 

of strong neighborhood association leadership 
and your support.


in the neighborhood association is vital.

The days of me hand-delivering the neighborhood

newsletters to more than a thousand households
are over.

Communicating by internet is much more efficient.

READ these websites to keep up to date:    

(Buckingham Pond Crestwood NA)   

(read nationally/worldwide)

Share the information and content with 

family/neighbors who are not internet users.

CONTACT me and we can decide on how 

you can participate in our
neighborhood association.                         

THANK YOU.  Happy Thanksgiving to all. 

Remember! 2016 is the year we restore our
Liberty and our Constitutional Republic.

May God watch over and protect us all
in the days, months and year ahead.

                                Joe Sullivan   438 5230


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