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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

UPDATED 11-20-15

Paddy, Mick and me, took a walk
to Buckingham Pond Park today.

The City will be taking down Ash
trees that have been infected with
Asian beetles, along Lenox Ave
South of the pond park, next week.

While the city crews are in the
neighborhood, perhaps they will
take down dead trees and limbs
that overhang the foot paths in
the park, particularly along the
path from Euclid to Holmes Dale.

These dead limbs and trees pose
a real danger to unsuspecting
walkers, joggers, their children
and pets.

Stand on the North side of the pond
park and look South. The dead limbs
and trees are readily visible now that
the leaves have fallen.

Avoid taking the path from Euclid to
Lenox, South side, particularly on
windy days, until the city takes
action to address this hazard, which
can result in a multi-million dollar
lawsuit, if passersby are killed or
severely injured by falling trees or

Perhaps, we can get an inmate work
party to stack cut wood from the
park at the foot of Lenox, for use
as firewood by neighbors.

Waste not want not.

Update 11-20-15

City crews did not take down
the Ash trees on Lenox. The work
was done by contractors.

The pond park dead tree/limb
problem still exists.

Paddy, Mick and me walked
around Greenway, many rotted
limbs fallen everywhere.

The City should bid out private
contractors to cut the dead trees
limbs in both the pond park and

Stack the cut wood and make it
available to neighborhood
residents for firewood.

A particularly good solution
which will enable neighborhood
residents, who have fireplaces/
wood-stoves to prepare for a
loss of heat when the grid goes

Inmate work crews can help
stack the cut wood and clear
brush/vines around young
trees permitting them to grow
to maturity.

Also, spares a cash strapped
city from unnecessary injury/
death lawsuits due to failure
of the City administration to
address the dead tree/limb

                            Joe Sullivan


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