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Monday, June 08, 2015


11 AM observed city workers applying
SONAR  chemical to pond park.

A very windy say. Told one of the workers
posting warning signs  that the pond water
aerators should be shut down for 24 hours
because winds carry airborne chemical
water spray over paths , children's
play area and picnic area. Not beneficial 
for humans to breathe. 

Blue-green algae  is not the only pond

Observe the expanding knotweed
invasion, to East of foot of Lenox
South side. If not immediately dealt
with, it will spread to the whole park
and neighboring residential properties.

Don't step in the bird droppings near
the children's play area, pond North

Followed up with similar message to Mayor's
office and DGS.

APD mobile crime HQ was at semi circle
park parking lot.

Of late APD units have been stopping
speeders on New Scotland Ave. Good!

Tonight at Cap Hills Golf Course 7 pm
a meeting is slated to update neighbors
on Normanskill issue. Cost sure to be
of concern, 2 million dollars? More
likely to set stage for  golf course sale.

Rumors have been circulating that
the City has sold, or is about to sell
the municipal golf course, to try and
balance a huge and growing budget
gap? If true, another wrong move.

One shot fixes will do little to prevent
Albany from becoming Detroit on the

Reassessment, rezoning, poor city
school environments, gambling with
children's education by employing
a lottery system, busing students
failing to return to a K-8 neighborhood
school system, poor city decisions
which threaten the residential
integrity, quality of life, home
values, the City property tax base
and support for city schools/city
government services are causing
people to sell out and flee the
few nice residential neighborhoods
left in the City.  

Witness 4 sale signs  as  numerous
as Spring flowers in those residential
neighborhoods that pay the lion's
share of property taxes that support
city schools and services.

Add , to this the growing social services
burden on taxpayers  which is the root
of high property taxes in Albany and
closely related to failing city schools.

Is it true that Albany ranks as the
6th worst city in the Nation for
retirement?  USA Today report?

Ask senior home owners trying
to hang on to their homes with fixed
incomes and ever increasing
property taxes.

                                 Joe Sullivan


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