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Tuesday, April 07, 2015


Paddy, Mick and me took a walk around
Buckingham Pond Park.

We observed things that need to be

1. Paths are wet, slippery and eroded
    in places, particularly the East end
    and the Milner Ave footpath at
    Berkshire North.

   The remedy. Apply coarse gravel for
    better drainage and footing.  Not the blue
    stone rock flour that the City applies
    annually.. The latter compacts and
    drains poorly, creating slippery paths.

2. No guard rail or boulder barrier has
    been placed at the foot of Lenox at
    Berkshire, South, to prevent speeding
    out of control vehicles from dropping
    down on pedestrians on the footpath

    Observe the severely dented guard
    rail at the foot of Euclid to East.
    Cause? Speeding, out of control
    vehicles. Fortunately, this guard
    rail has prevented vehicles from
    dropping down on pedestrians on
    the footpath below, in that location.

3.  Knotweed invasion, just to East
     of Lenox at Berkshire South. If
     this invasive cluster is not eradicated
     it will spread throughout the park
     and to adjacent residential lawns.

4.  Shoreline erosion/slumping is very
     much in evidence along the North
     side of the pond, as well as the
     footpath bordering the water from
     Lenox to Euclid. South side.

     Observe the concrete bench near
     Euclid North that is partly submerged.
     Higher water level and erosion/slumping
     at work here.

     Remedy. Plant more vegetation along
     the shoreline to reduce erosion. Stream
     Willows, Red Osier Dogwoods and
     plants/trees that like wet feet are needed.

     The  young Willow  near the foot of Lenox
     North is an example. However, it needs
     to be cleared of brush around it's base.

5.   The picnic area and children's play area
      pond, North side are in good shape. The
      lone bench in the picnic area needs 
      to be scraped, sanded and painted or

6.   The wooded sections of the park
      particularly    South side   Holmes Dale
      to Lenox and Euclid; and  North side
      from the children's play area to Davis
      including the holding pond  require
      immediate attention. Dead limbs, trees
      need to be cut. Vine and brush need to
      be cleared to allow young trees to mature
      and replace those that are near the end
      of life.

      Useable firewood should be cut and stacked
      for pick up by neighborhood residents.

      Some natural seeding of young trees
      is occurring. However,   diverse plantings
      of suitable trees and flowering shrubs are

      In short, the pond park needs a woodland
      restoration plan. including the wooded
      section bordering Davis Ave, West side.

      The Albany City Forester is the man to
      guide this.

       Young tree/shrub stock can be obtained
       in bundles of 5 or 10, at reasonable costs
       from Capital District County Soil and
       Water Conservation District tree/shrub
       which are now placing orders for pick
       up in late April-early May.

7.   Improvement of pond water quality
      will not occur until road salt and
      lawn chemical applications are reduced
      or eliminated in the pond water shed
      and shoreline stabilization occurs.

8.    Emergency phones should be installed
       in the Milner footpath,  play-picnic area
      at at the foot of Lenox, South side.

9.    Jack and Carl need a water supply
       line for the City shed, at the Children's
       play area.

10.   Hopefully, both Jack and Carl will
        be with us again, this year. They are
        a asset to maintenance of the park.

                                         Joe Sullivan




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