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Thursday, April 16, 2015


In the City of Albany  the
Tax Assessment rolls will 
open May 1  (May Day)

Homeowners may challenge
their property assessments
between May 1-26.

Home sales are slow and
prices have fallen, except
where uninformed buyers
from downstate come into
town with a bundle of cash
from the equity in their
former homes.

To a downstater local
home prices appear to be
a bargain compared to
what homes are valued for

The Homestead  Provision
was eliminate last year.

The Mayor has indicated
that she wants to reassess
the City and rezone it also.

The recent BZA decision
regarding Family Promise
and their partnership with
Mater Christi and St Sophia's
as part of their grand homeless
social services program , housing
feeding and assisting homeless
including signing them up for
public assistance, will  only erode
the residential integrity and
quality of life in the BPCNA
neighborhood , which will result
in falling home values, adversely
impacting the City tax base and
support for City schools and

Homeowners will flee the
neighborhood as they see
their homes  lose value
 their neighborhood
residential integrity/quality
of life decline, and their
retirement plans dashed.

Give serious consideration
to challenging your assessments
this year.

Contact the City Assessors office
for more details of when, where
and how to challenge your home
property tax assessment.

You also might consider voting
no on the City school budget
vote May 19, and no on the
200,000 dollar high school
bond act proposal which will
be on the November 3 General 
Election ballot.

                          Joe Sullivan


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