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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Are one or more attorney homeowners
willing to bring a pro bono class action
lawsuit on behalf of homeowners living
in R 1b single family residential zones
in the City of Albany, including, but
not limited to, homeowners resident in
the Buckingham Pond Crestwood

The neighborhood is bounded by Western
Ave, South Manning Blvd, NYS Thruway 
and Rte 85.

The legal action would involve getting
a court order prohibiting FamilyPromise
from renting a single family dwelling 738
New Scotland Ave, as a "hub"  to operate
it's homeless social services program 
pending a court proceeding to determine 
if the Albany City Board of Zoning Appeals
erred in deciding in favor of Family Promise.

This writer has requested, but not received
the written decision of the Albany City

The BZA is an body appointed by
the Mayor of Albany in consultation with
the Albany City Common Council, so is it
 safe to assume that the BZA Members
do not act without approval of the Mayor
and oversight by the Common Council?

The BZA decision 3/25/15 over rides a
DENIAL of the Family Promise use of
738 New Scotland Ave as a hub for it's
social services homeless program
by the Albany  City Department of Codes
in letters dated 12/8/14 and 11/24/14.

Albany City Dept of Codes is charged
with administration of the Albany City
Zoning Code.

Zoning is a local state responsibility.

There are compelling reasons for
the BZA to have upheld the original
Denial of the Family Promise use of
738 New Scotland Avenue, a single
family dwelling in an R 1b single
family residential zone pursuant to
the current Albany City Zoning Code
as a "hub" to operate its' homeless
social services program.

1. The homes in this zone are highly
taxed to support city schools and
city government services.

2. Any action that would devalue
homes in such residential zones
would harm homeowners and
adversely impact support of
cash strapped city schools and
a city government which is facing
bankruptcy or takeover by the
Governor's Fiscal Review Board.

Any interested attorneys may
contact me for further discussion.

Here is written testimony which
this writer submitted to the BZA
on behalf of homeowners.

Read the posts on this website
from January to present for more.

All homeowners in R-1b single
family zoned districts are aggrieved
by the Albany BZA decision 3/25/15
re: The Family Promise Appeal of
City Denial of the FP use of  738
New Scotland Avenue as a "hub"
for its' social services homeless

This includes all attorneys who
live in such R-1b single family
zones pursuant to the Albany
City Zoning Code.

Who among you will step up
to challenge the irresponsible
decision of the Albany City BZA
regarding the Family Promise

The residential integrity/quality
of life, your home values and
support for city schools/city
services are on the line. 

Albany is on the fast track for
becoming Detroit on the Hudson
if the BZA decision of 3/25/15
is left unchallenged.

                       Joe Sullivan


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