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Monday, March 02, 2015


The City BZA has put the
Family Promise - Bethany
Reformed Church Application
back on the BZA hearing
calendar for

5:45 pm Weds, March 11
at the Common Council
Chambers, City Hall

for approval of a variance
to conduct a program at the
church and adjacent parsonage
at 736-760 New Scotland Ave
to serve the needs of homeless

This is not a permitted use
in an R1B single family zone
pursuant to the Albany City
Zoning Code.

Contact the BZA and Mayor

1. To ask that the BZA public
Hearing on this Application
be held at Mater Christi Hall
at a time and date that will
afford all concerned residents
of the Buckingham Pond
Crestwood neighborhood and
 adjacent single family zoned
residential neighborhoods, an
opportunity to attend and voice
their views.

BZA  Brad Glass Tel. 445 0754

Mayor Sheehan  Tel  434 5100
                              Fax 434 5013


The following justify holding
the BZA hearing in the
neighborhood that would be
adversely impacted by approval
of the variance

* The time and location of the
BZA hearing do not afford an
opportunity to be heard on this

* 5:45 pm is when most neighbors
are commuting to home from work
and/or are preparing their suppers

* parking is not adequate around
City Hall

* the public seating gallery of the
Common Council Chambers is
too small to accommodate the
large number of people who
will want to be heard

* there is another hearing application
on the agenda, so that means even less
public seating will be available

* the impact of approval of this
variance extends to adjacent
single family zoned neighborhoods

* there are no homeless families
in the BPCNA neighborhood

The BPCNA boundaries are
Western Ave, South Manning Blvd
The NYS Thruway, Rte 85 and
Whitehall Rd.

2.  The Bethany Reformed Church
     Family Promise variance application

      should be  WITHDRAWN
      ............ or  DENIED

Why?   UPHOLD the existing City
             Zoning Code relating to
             single family R1B residential
             zone neighborhoods

Read background posts this website
since January

Pick the reasons that appeal to you.

Should the BZA hearing on the
Bethany Reformed Church
Family Promise Variance Application
be held as scheduled on Feb 11 at
City Hall your voices will not be

Make your voices heard via
the phone, fax, e mail and Talk
1300 Radio 476 1300 from
March 3 through the 10th.

Every concerned homeowner
in the Buckingham Pond Crestwood
and adjacent single family zoned
residential neighborhoods must
make their views known.

Our neighborhoods and homes
are on the line.

                                Joe Sullivan



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