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Monday, April 01, 2013


Winter is transitioning into Spring
here in Albany, NY. Actually, the
usual transition is from Winter to

The past Winter was a good one.
Snowfall was a bit below normal
with frequent, light snowfalls that
did not linger long, except for a
few weeks in January-February.

Paddy and Mick were out at Albany
Muni most every day from January
through March.

Temperatures were below freezing
much of the time, keeping the ticks
at bay.

Several good snowfalls turned Albany
Muni into a Winter wonderland.

We avoided walking the local streets
because of excessive road salt on the
streets, walks and in the air.

It will take heavy Spring rains to
wash away the heavy road salt
residues that remain on the streets
and that linger in the air.

If the rains do not come, the salt
residues will linger on the streets
and in the air, well into Summer.

Should drought follow Winter this
year, as it will, in much of the land
to the West of us, we may experience
water shortages.

Buckingham Pond  will experience
lower water levels with the drainage
of excessive road salt, and lawn
chemicals having a greater negative
impact of pond water quality.

With a poor economy and even
more dire economic forecasts, one
would think that less road salt
would be dumped on streets, walks
and parking lots; and that lawn
chemical applications would also
be greatly reduced or abandoned
altogether. So much for frugality!

Where are all the environmentalists
and students who rant about climate
change, greenhouse gases and oppose
fracking for natural gas?  Why are
they oblivious to the negative impacts
on our environment and health resulting
from  the seasonal rituals of dumping
excessive amount of road salt and lawn
chemicals onto the land and into the
water and air?

Why are local hospitals and health care
providers silent on these issues?

The Winter past was, should be, a time
to slow down,  a peaceful time for quiet

                                  Joe Sullivan



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