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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


A blessing from God. A good
soaking rain to wash away the
grime from excessive dumping
of road salt.

The Red Maple seedling in
front of the house appears to
have survived the road salt.

I mulched leaves around the
base of the tree and placed
some plastic curbside to reduce
salt absorption. Also, a barrier
to shelter the little tree's buds
from salt spray of passing

Today's drenching rain will
flush salt from the soil so
the tree roots can absorb
water and nutrients from the

Need to incorporate some
gypsum, epson salts, egg
shells (magnesium and
calcium ) as well as clean
mulch in the soil around the

Planted spuds, parsnips, beets
peas, turnips, chard yesterday
before the rain arrived last night.

Oats beginning to sprout, along
with garlic and rhubarb.

Today, placed lack and white
newsprint between the spud
hills to keep down weeds and
to stimulate soil organism

Maybe, tomorrow I will cover
the spud beds with straw.

Frost planted spinach two
weeks ago.

                         Joe Sullivan


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