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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Can you imagine residential
neighborhoods devoid of
street trees?

We are on the verge of this

Street trees in urban places
like Albany, have shorter life
spans because of a number of
factors, including: sidewalk
and curb repacements which
damage tree roots, vehicle
emissions, excessive amounts
of road salt applied to city streets
and sidewalks, being struck by
vehicles and lack of proper
care by adjacent homeowners.

Trees beautify our properties
and neighborhood, adding to
property values. Trees combat
growing air pollution from
increased numbers of vehicles.
Trees absorb carbon dioxide
and emit oxygen. Trees provide
shade in summer and serve as
windbreaks in winter. They
provide a measure of safety
protecting pedestrians from
speeding vehicles on many
neighborhood streets which
have become major commuter

Take a good look at the street
trees in front of your property
and along the street where you
live. Talk with your neighbors
about the condition of street

Do you have one or more
street trees in front of you
home? What kind? What
condition are they in? Do
they need pruning? Do you
fertilize and water them?
Do they have visible damage
resulting from being hit by
vehicles?  Are they young
healthy trees or  old, with
rotting branches and nearing
the end of their lifespan?
Are all the trees the same

Maybe, you have no street
trees at all?

Consider planting young
street trees to fill empty
spaces,  to establish them
before nearby older trees
are in declining health and
likely to be removed in the
near future.

Select trees that are urban
hardy. Check with utility
companies regarding location
of buried gas, water, sewer
and telephone lines before
you dig. Do not plant large
trees where overhead wires

Where to obtain trees? When
and how to plant?

Albany County and neighboring
County Soil and Water Conservation
districts have tree/shrub sales each
Spring. Young stock can be obtained
at a reasonable price in quantities of
5 or 10 which can be shared among
neighbors and friends.

The City of Albany has a street tree
planting program where homeowners
pay a nominal fee for larger young
trees, which are planted by the City.
Homeowners are responsible for
watering and caring for these trees.

Trees can also be obtained from
nurseries and garden centers.

Trees planted on front lawns
survive better and longer than
street trees planted on curb
islands, for aforementioned

Buckingham Pond Park is
in need of a woodland management
plan to remove vines, prune or
remove trees that pose a hazard
to joggers, walkers and their pets
to plant a variety of suitable trees
and shrubs to replace aging trees
and to provide habitat for wildlife.

So, all residents of the Buckingham
Pond/Crestwood Neighborhood can
do their part to improve the quality
of life here, by evaluating the
condition of street trees, notifying
the City of Albany of trees in need
of pruning/care/removal of trees and
participating in  selecting and planting
the next generation of street trees in
our neighborhood.

Get to it. Thank you.

                                 Joe Sullivan

Look at other neighborhood open
spaces that may require trees care
or removal, or planting of trees
and shrubs.

Greenway,  New Scotland Avenue
at S. Manning, Krum Kill and
Whitehall Road.


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