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Saturday, January 05, 2013


A lovely day at Albany Muni
Golf Course.

It is a privilege to be able to
enjoy the outdoors at Albany
Muni with our canine pals
and other responsible dog

Paddy and Mick had a grand
time playing in the snow with
other canine pals.

Children and parents enjoyed
sledding down hills nearby.

Met lots of responsible dog

One thing we all deplored
was the unusually large number
and amounts of dog droppings
particularly along the path from
the first tee to hole.

Irresponsible dog owners who
do not pick up after their dogs
will ruin it for  responsible dog
owners and their pets.

Keep it up and the dog police
will appear. Check points will
be set up to confirm that dogs
have up to date rabies shots
and are duly licensed residents
of the City.

Hefty 250 dollar fines will be
levied against offending humans.

There will be calls for more dog
control laws. Just as with the calls
for more gun control laws are now
in vogue.

Various breeds will be barred from
the course. Dog owners will be
limited to one pet.

A central registry will be set up.
Names of dog owners, and their
pets entered. Photo ID's required.

The Albany Muni golf course
will be designated a pet/poop free

Instead of dealing with offenders
in both cases, law abiding, responsible
dog (and gun owners) are penalized.

If the abuse continues, do not be
suprised if the privilege we all
now enjoy is revoked by the City.

The coyotes, coy dogs and other
wildlife that inhabit the golf course
will not continue to roam about, not
obeying any of the laws/restrictions.

So, offending humans - clean up
your act and pick up after your
dogs. Do not litter the landscape
with plastic bags. Deposit them in
the waste cans set out around the
driving range/parking lot area and
at various locations elsewhere on
the course.

Responsible dog owners and
golf course workers will keep
a sharp eye out for offenders.

The punishment  for abuse of
privilege will be loss of that
privilege - by offenders. Not
the rest of us!

Perhaps, public service sentences
picking up poop for a week or two.

                      Joe Sullivan
                      on behalf of all
                      dog patriots.


Blogger Dave Lucas said...

The poop problem is affecting neighborhoods too! Anything I could put on the lawn to deter pooches from leaving calling cards?

6:22 AM  

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