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Sunday, November 07, 2010


Mick, Paddy, Margaret and me took a walk
around the pond park this day.

The Conservancy group is holding a clean up
day, Sunday, Nov 7.  Best wishes. Much work
to do. Beware of the ticks. Be sure the insurance
question is resolved.

The BPCNA has never sponsored such events
because of the liability issue.

Carl and Jack did a great job of maintaining
the pond park over the past season.

However, much park work that needs to be
done is beyond the capabilities of Carl, Jack
and the conservancy volunteers.

The City has planted a few willows along
the North shore of the pond and shored up
most of the bulkheads along the foot path
South shore between Euclid and Lenox and
softened the steep slope of the footpath at

The dead tree overhanging the foot path
at that location still presents a hazard.

The two Red Dogwood plants would have
been better placed on the pond side of
the path, to minimize shore-path erosion.

More Red Twig Dogwoods need to be
planted along the  bulkheaded path to
reduce the severe erosion evident there.

Look carefully at the section where
Red Twig Dogwoods exist, and note how
they act to stabilize the bank as opposed
to the section of foot path that is bulk-

Severe erosion of the foot path entrance
at the foot of  Euclid will not be corrected
by simply adding more powdered gravel/

Observe that gravel has simply been
deposited as a small delta where water
run off enters the pond below.

The wooded path between Lenox and
Holmes Dale needs much work. Vines
strangling trees need to be cut.

Leaves need to be raked away from the
foot path because they are slippery
and harbor ticks.

Brush along the paths needs to be cut
back for the same reason.

Some lighting and a blue light emergency
call phone box should be added in this
section, perhaps at the foot of Lenox.

The sector along Raft's Way from
Holmes Dale to Milner also needs

Leaves have to be raked off the path
and brush cut.

Undergrowth needs to be cut
around the conifers so that they
can mature, particularly the

The Hemlocks might better be
transplanted to more open sites
where they can fully develop.

The Milner foot path area has
been a target of vandals, particularly
the flower pots and nylon line of
the foot bridge.

The upended drain pipe to nowhere
is still visible Southeast of the foot

Severe erosion of the foot path slope
at Berkshire needs correction.

Foot paths, in general have a number
of wet, slippery spots which are a hazard
in frosty/wet weather.

Application of  coarse, not powdered
bluestone is the solution.

A complete park tree/shrub inventory
and plan are needed. Planting more
flowering trees, willows and flowering
colorful bushes are needed.

These items can be obtained at a very
reasonable price from the Spring
Soil and Water Conservation District
plant sales sponsored by local counties.

                                        Joe Sullivan



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