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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


No, not Somali pirates, but our domestic
variety of thieves.

NA Presidents and addressees, we have had 5 reported burglaries in the Pine Hills college area in the last 2 days. The burglars appear to be targeting unoccupied student homes and the method of entry has been through the rear doors. While these burglaries have occurred in close proximity to each other. We are asking that even if they don’t appear to be occurring in your area, you follow the below listed Burglary prevention tips and read the attached flyer. In addition we would appreciate you helping us get the word out to your neighbors. Please remind them “If You See Something, Say Something” call 518-438-4000 Non-Emergency to report suspicious activity and 911 for Emergencies. We are still offering home and business security surveys. Please take advantage of this service and call or email our office 518-458-5668 (Janet) or 518-458-5669 (Rick) to set up an appointment. Thank you, Rick

Inc # Location Day Date Time reported Method of Entry Property Stolen

09475252 211 Ontario Mon 12-28-09 2:29am Forced entry rear door Electronics

09475989 209 Ontario Mon 12-28-09 1:00 PM Forced entry rear door unknown

09475820 207 Ontario Mon 12-28-09 2:44PM Unlocked rear door Electronics

09476371 447 Hamilton Mon 12-28-09 11:52PM Forced entry rear door unknown

09476462 449 Hamilton Mon 12-28-09 1:39AM Forced Entry rear door Electronics

Burglary Prevention Tips:
ü Keep your doors locked when you’re home and when you’re not. Burglaries don’t just occur at night. Almost half of all residential burglaries occur from thieves gaining entry through unlocked doors or windows.
ü Use deadbolt locks with at least a one inch throw on exterior doors
ü Keep all exterior lights on at night
ü Keep shrubs/trees clear from windows area as they could provide concealment to a would be burglar.
ü When out of town cancel newspapers and mail
ü When out of town arrange for someone to shovel your sidewalk and walkways
ü Call police about any suspicious persons or activity in your neighborhood.

Police Officer
Rick Romand
Community Services Unit
District 1
536 Western Ave.
Albany NY 12203


It is important to nail perps like these
before they become allies of the foreign
terrorists, who seek to destroy us.

Vigilance is the price of security and
freedom, and should be at the top of
our New Years Resolutions.

Survival in our dangerous world is
a cooperative venture.

Get with the program.

Joe Sullivan



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