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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Our significant snow storm of the
season arrived yesterday.

Here are a few tips to cope with
subsequent snow/ice events.

The City of Albany

1)should plow
main roads, like New Scotland Ave
with plows lined up in tandem.

Sweep the outbound lanes clear
all at once, the same for the in-
bound lanes.

Instead of the procedure the City
uses now:
a) let snow pile up
b) clear the center lanes
c) continue to let snow pile
up in curb lanes
d) send plows tearing along
a 40-50 mph causing a
heavy sludge tsunami
which inundates drive
entrances, sidewalks
and corners. The elderly
are put at health risk
if they try to shovel the
heavy sludge, or, are
forced to shell out cash
to have driveways/sidewalks
cleared. This on top of
paying high property taxes
which do not decrease
with los market values.

The City wants to return
to the 100, 000 population
mark, to qualify for government
aid and increase the property tax
base, theirby increasing revenues
and balancing the city budget?

Well.... don't kill off geezers
and drive homeowners out of
the city with out of control
city and school property taxes
failing to crack down on crime
and tolerating bad behavior
in city schools.

2. Use less road salt - it is
expensive and harmful
to our expensive vehicles
road and bridge surfaces
the environment, including
killling street trees and
posing a health risk when
it drys, becomes airborne
and is inhaled

3. What about safety? In snow
ice storms, reduce speed
limits on city streets to
15 mph, and have the APD
ticket violators.

Remember, Democrats are in
power. They know what is best
all. Right?

Sound free advice at no cost in
consulting fees!

Joe Sullivan



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