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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Took Mick around Buckingham Pond Park.

The wooded path, Lenox to Holmesdale is
in sad shape. Weeds along the path need
to be cut back. Leaves raked. No effort to
cut vines that are stangling trees.

The Rafts Way sector looks good. Flower
pots on poles are blooming. Yesterday
a young man from City OGS mowed the

The footpath has four wet, slippery
spots that need coarse bluestone applied.
Vines and underbrush are killing young
conifers and hardwoods. No effort has
been made to cut vines, clear brush.
Young Hemlocks can be moved to sites
more conducive to their growth in the
late Fall, early winter.

The Milner Ave footbridge rails are
broken and scattered. The smaller
holding pond is putrid. It should be
fenced off, or at least have some
danger signs posted, before a child
or elderly adult falls in and disappears.

A number of families were enjoying
the play and picnic area near the
parking semi-circle at the foot of
Colonial, North side.

Yesterday, met Carl who is filling
in for Jack, the latter out for a rest.
Jack has been overworked caring
for the North side of the Pond
from the Milner Ave footpath to
the East End. Too much for one

Excellent police presense. One
patrol car at the semi-circle
parking area. Two more patrol
cars observed, one on Berkshire
the other at Buckingham. Also,
an unmarked car on Euclid.
Suspect they were looking out
for a perp. That's good.

The South shore path Euclid
to Lenox is about to disappear.
Bulkheading needs to be
installed. Stones, not wood.
Add some fill and plant some
Red Osier Dogwoods to stabilize
the shore and reduce further

Cut the grass and brush along
the path.

The huge dead Cottonwood is
still overhanging the sloping
path that leads up to Lenox.
Suprised that it hasn't fallen
on someone in recent storms.
Maybe soon.

The floury material recently
applied to the sloping footpath
is already eroding away.

Weed killer aroma emanated
from a lawn on Lenox. No warning
signs posted.

Mick went on guard duty at the
house, while Paddy and me went
for a stroll along New Scotland
S. Manning, Myrtle and Marion

A utility pole wrapped in yellow
crime scene tape, at the entrance
to Maria College parking lot, was
leaning across the sidewalk. Not
good. Live wires above. Probably
hit by a car.

Two dead maple street trees on
New Scotland, near S. Manning
are falling apart and need to be

The City has done a good job
cutting the grass medians on
S Manning and Marion.

There are a number of 4 sale
signs on both streets. Owners
cite, property taxes, schools
and crime as reasons for sales.

It is not good for the future of
Albany when people with means
flee the city.

Who will be left to pay the
property taxes that support city
schools and government?

Paddy visited a front porch
where two female Aussies were
at the screened front window.
The owners were not home.
The two females howled after
handsome Red Paddy as we
walked away.

Reminded me of the Tommy
Makem song..."If I were a Dog"...

A sidewalk on Marion, near
Woodlawn was covered in mud
and quite slippery.

We are home now, and both
boys are content and resting easy.

Joe Sullivan



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