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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Watched a couple of episodes of suvivorman.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are
engaged in an urban version of survivorman.

Prudent people will recognize this and do
the best they can to prepare to survive
whatever may befall us in the days and
months ahead.

What to do?

Water is essential to life, we can survive only
a few days without it. Store some water and
periodically refresh your supply. Glass
containers are best. You will need a gallon
a day, per person. Have at least a weeks

Food with a long shelf life should be stored
including cans, jars and dry goods with a
good shelf life. Use and replentish your
emergency food stock so you always have
a week or more of reserves.

Encourage your local churches and schools
to maintain emergency water/food stocks.

Make sure you have, at least a 30 day supply
of any necessary prescription medicines on
hand at all times.

Assume and plan accordingly for the likelihood
that you may not have electricity, refrigeration
air conditioning, heat, water and sewer service
or garbage pick up.

If your yard soil is not contaminated from
excessive reliance on lawn chemicals, plant
a vegetable garden. Some berries, fruit trees.

You might want to construct a small root
cellar to store crops like potatoes, turnips
beets, cabbage.

Have some firewood, a propane tank, candles
matches and charcoal on hand.

Keep you vehicle gas tank nearly full at all

Keep a go bag of essential supplies/copies
of personal records ready at all times, in
case you have to evacuate your home/city
on short notice.

Have a family emergency/disaster plan.
A telephone contact source outside the
local area. A designated gathering place
in the local area, and also, one beyond
the local area.

Make sure you have a gun, and plenty ammo
and know how to safely use and store both.

Have some cash on hand, but recognize that
if our currency system collapses, cash will
be worthless.

Better to have essential supplies on hand
that will last for a long time, and which can
be traded or bartered.

Learn some first aid and have first aid supplies
on hand.

Recognize that in the event of a major disaster
or terror attack, we will be on on own.
Government can't save us, we must save

Prepare for worst case scenarios. If they never
happen, we will be blessed. If they do, and we
are not prepared, survival will be problematic.

Consult prior posts on this and Lonerangeralbany
for links to emergency/disaster preparedness

Joe Sullivan



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