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Friday, March 27, 2009


The City of Albany Spring Tree Program
Order deadline is Tues, Mar 31.

The Albany SWCD Tree/Shrub sale order
deadline was: March 20. However, it may
still be possible to order stock by calling

The newly forming Buckingham Pond
Conservancy group missed an opportunity
to get reasonably priced tree/shrub stock
that could improve the pond park's visual
beauty, stabilize bank erosion and offer
food and shelter for wildlife.

Trees: Black Alder, Hybrid Poplar, Canaan Fir
and Sycamore.
Shrubs: Silky Dogwood
Pond Habitat Conservation Pacs including
2 each of: Red Osier Dogwood/Buttonbush
Ninebark/Sycamore/Black Alder
Flowering T&S Pacs including 2 each of
American Mtn Ash/Juneberry/Spicebush
Sand Cherry/White Flowering Dogwood.

However, all is not lost, there are 2 other
SWCD T&S sales still available.

Schenectady County 399-6980. Order
deadline: April 17.

Stock included: Burning Bush/Lilac
Rose of Sharon,White Flowering Dogwood
Witch Hazel and Spicebush.

Rensselaer County 271-1740. Order
deadline; April 30.

Stock included: Austrian Pine, Pagoda
Flowering Dogwood, Rugosa Rose, Lilac
Winter Berry Holly, Rose of Sharon
America Cranberry and Manchu Cherry.

Any and all of the above would be a
welcome addition to the pond park as
well a neighborhood yards.

Obtaining and planting the above would
be of much more long term benefit to
improving the pond park, than the trash
litter clean up which the Conservancy group
has scheduled for April.

The neighborhood association does not
sponsor clean ups because of the liability

Joe Sullivan


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