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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Neighborhood News

President-elect Barack Obama has
called on all Americans to volunteer
to improve their neighborhoods and

Priority issues for our
neighborhood in 2009 :

1. Improve Buckingham Pond Park.

Scroll back to prior entries this blog .
Read my park traverse observations
and recommended actions for park

2. Reduce growing volumes of
speeding traffic on main roads
tributary streets, and
noise ,litter, congestion, accidents
air pollution associated with those
growing traffic volumes.

This issue is accentuated by
expansions of St Peters and
Albany Med.

A park and ride system including
peripheral parking lots, clean buses
light rail, and staggered hospital shift
hours are among the solutions
that must be negotiated between
the city, the hospitals and our
neighborhood association.

3. The interrelated issues
of city schools and property
taxation to support those schools.

Refer to earlier post, this site
for detailed recommendations.

4. Razing the derelict former
gas station , corner of
Whitehall Rd/New Scotland Ave.

Removal contaminated materials
create a rolling berm, plant with
mix of hardwoods, conifers and
flowering shrubs. Install benches
a flagpole, and a small
monument designating this the
Dan O'Connell Memorial Pocket Park.

We still are pushing for construction
of the Dan O'Connell Senior Housing.

Affordable housing for our
aging population, so that they can
remain in this hood when time comes
to sell their present single family homes.

5. Creation of a 23 acre nighborhood
greenbelt bordered by Krum Kill
Crescent ,the NYS Thruway-Rte 85.

The City owns the 10 acre parcel
to the West. The landlocked 5 acre
parcel owned by John McDermott
can be purchased with matching
grant money.

The 7 acre parcel bordering Krum Kill
Rd can be deeded to the City as
Conservation (Park) land in return
for a Transfer of Development Rights
exchange that will deed city/county

land downtown, of equivalent value
to said landowners.

6. In cooperation with owners/tenants
of Crestwood Plaza maximize potential
as a pedestrian neighborhood plaza.

This may include addition of a small
grocery store supplied/managed by
either Hannaford or Price Chopper

7. Replace the aging absentee-owned
Hackett-Weis Rd apartments with a
mix of housing for medical/health care
workers, disabled people and students.

8. Making sure that when Mercy
Convent is no longer needed as a
residence for sisters that first options
go for single room occupancy SRO
including dining facility for low
income neighborhood seniors
and as an alternative -
housing for Maria College students.

9. Neighborhood Watch -
All residents are members.

See earlier posts/instructions
this blog.

10. Emergency/Disaster Preparedness -

The responsibility of every household
school, church, and synagogue in this

See archives/earlier posts this blog, and:

Volunteers to serve on the following
committees are welcome:

1. Buckingham Pond Park
2. Traffic/Pedestrian Safety
3. Housing
4. Open Space
5. Education and Property Taxation
6. Crestwood Plaza
7. Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
Neighborhood Security.

An ambitious agenda that can become reality
with the leadership and participation of this
association, in cooperation with Mayor Jennings
and the Common Council.

May I hear from you soon?

Joe Sullivan 438 5230


We may hold our traditional
Ground Hog Day meeting
at Martell's Restaurant
Capitol Hills Golf Course
On Sunday, February 1st
or Monday, February 2d.

Mayor Jennings has been
invited as guest of honor.

The event, in the past has
been a brunch, but this year
it will be an evening social.

Details to follow, soon as
Roger Martell gets back to me.

Watch this blog for further


From February through September
we will continue to operate through
our committee system.

The Annual Meeting will be held
at Buckingham Pond Park Picnic
Area, 3 PM Saturday, September 26
Rain date, October 3.

Election of officers for the
2009-2011 term , and other

Joe Sullivan


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