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Sunday, November 27, 2016


A reply to an uninformed, biased narrative
which appears on page C1, Sunday, November
23, 2016; Times Union.

Freedom of the Press is abused and the public
left uninformed when such narratives are
published under the guise of news.

Astute readers are left to wonder- is the 
author living in his mother's basement and
about to lose his job as his employer struggles
to remain in business? 

Is the author seeking employment as a flack
for a "not-for-profit"? Or, is he soon to be
homeless and a client?

Stay tuned dear reader, this Matter is far
from settled.

The Supreme Court ruling is correct in law.
The Appellate Court Order reversing the
Supreme Court is not correct in law.

Next stop. The NY Court of Appeals. Perhaps
after that The U S Supreme Court.

The author of the page C1 narrative may
be out of work and homeless and his newspaper
out of business, before this Matter is finally

Here is the Appellate Order decided and entered
November 23, 2016.

Neighborhood homeowners who want to
protect the residential integrity/quality of life
in our neighborhood, their home values and
property taxes as well as the property tax
base of this, and adjacent, neighborhoods which
pay the lion's share of property taxes that 
support city schools and city government services
are invited to join me in bringing this Matter
before the NYS Court of Appeals.

Do not let Albany become Detroit on the 
because our existing R-1B single family  
residential zoning is trampled under foot 
by a city government
seeking to rezone this, and adjacent, single
familyneighborhoods, in the hope of reaping
HUD money from a lame duck federal 
administration, as a reward
for further a failed policy of social engineering
of residential neighborhoods such as ours. 

Hopefully, the City will uphold the existing
and Congress will freeze any HUD grants for
such residential neighborhood social engineering 
until President Elect Trump becomes President
and until his HUD cabinet appointment is
confirmed by the U S Senate, and while this
Matter makes its' way through the
NYS Court of Appeals.

                                                      Joe Sullivan


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