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Thursday, January 28, 2016


Will the Albany City School Board
continue to operate in the shadows?

Will they change the date of the vote
on the 180 million dollar high school
spending plan from February 9 to
April 19th Primary Day, when all
the city polling places will be open
with the Albany County Board of
Elections conducting the election
including staffing, counting the ballots
coordinating absentee voting and
posting the voting results by ward
and election district on line.

The proposed February vote is
nothing more than a crooked vote
stacked in favor of those who
support the 180 million dollar
spending plan.
 The school board is conducting
the vote, with few polling places
open, at a time when snowbirds
have flown South and when cold
icy weather will drive down voter
turnout of senior homeowners
and apartment dwellers, all of
whom will see their property
taxes and rents increase each
year of the seven year projected
renovation/construction plan.

In addition, the City has a 12.6+
million dollar budget shortfall
that, if not closed ,will result
in layoffs of police, fire fighters
other city workers and a possible
22 percent additional property
tax increase, on top of an unknown
tax increase which will become
known when the City sends out 
Notices, March 1  based on results
of the reassessment already in progress.

Add to all this, the City is in the
process of rezoning which will
adversely impact home values
and the city property tax base
in currently R 1B single family
residential districts which pay
the lion's share of the property
taxes that support city government
and the city schools. 

What kind of lesson in civics
and fiscal responsibility is the
Albany School Board providing
for students in the city schools?

Hold the vote April 19 or withdraw
the 180 million dollar spending plan.

Make the necessary repairs to
the high school and concentrate
on raising the high school graduation
rate from 50 to  90 percent or more!

Uptown homeowners, property tax
payers and renters can make their
demands to the School Board at the
spending plan promotional meeting

7 PM   Monday February 1

Martel's Restaurant
Albany City Golf Course

While you are there declare
you opposition to privitizing
the Capitol Hills Golf Course.

Be there! Be heard!

                                   Joe Sullivan


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