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Tuesday, March 03, 2015


The TV 6 news reporter and
cameraman were very pleasant.
We did an in depth interview, the
details of which lie on the
editors cutting room floor.

Nevertheless, as you looked
at the exterior and interior of
the unoccupied parsonage 
did you wonder why Pastor
Peggy doesn't live there?

Did you think that a dying
church should sell the parsonage
and land to a nice young couple
with children from this neighborhood
who want to live here and send
their children to Mater Christi

In any case, the parsonage and land
should be on the city property tax
rolls. One more tax exempt parcel
in a cash strapped city that is fast
becoming Detroit on the Hudson.

Fortunately this website provides
you with all you need to know  to 
convince the BZA and Mayor
to DENY the Bethany Application.

Read the posts since January.
Click on links that document
what I have posted. 

has had a 1,000 hits in the past few
weeks, many have copied and passed
the posts along to family, neighbors
and friends.

The word is out, despite limited
media coverage.

When the recently FCC approved
so called "Net Neutrality"rules
hundred of pages, not released
to the public before the Feb 26
vote are finally released you
will see that content control
and restriction of your First
Amendment Rights and Liberty

will emerge.

Websites like this one will
disappear and you will be
left in the dark of mainstream
media coverage.

Fine Independent radio sources
like C Pooler's
will disappear as well.

FEC rules re: "Fairness" will
also be passed with the resultant
muzzling and disappearance of
conservative talk radio.

Independent candidates will
not be able to make use of the
internet in an effort to inform
the public of their messages.

The question posed by the BZA
is too narrow   "is the Family
Promise Homeless Ministry Plan
consistent with the use of this
property( the parsonage and
church., as a house of worship"?

The answer is NO, the Family
Promise Homeless plan is not
a permitted use in an R1b
single family zoned residential
neighborhood pursuant to the
City Zoning Code.

The question is what will the
negative impact of approving
this application be on the
residential integrity/quality of
life and home values in this
neighborhood which pays the
lion's share of the property
taxes that support cash strapped
city schools, city government

BZA approval  of the Family
Promise plan would be insane.

The residential integrity/quality
of life, peace and tranquility of
this, one of the last best neighborhoods
remaining in the City of Albany
will be destroyed. Homeowners
will flee, 4 sales signs will pop up
with the daffodils and tulips;
home values will drop like a rock
support for city schools and
city services will dwindle
The City budget gap will soar.

Albany will be on a non reversible
fast track to becoming Detroit on
the Hudson.

The Governor's Fiscal Review Board
a generous HUD block grant for
allowing HUD to over ride local
zoning  will not be able to prevent
this fate for one of America's oldest

Ironically, the HUD block grant
rewarding the City government
from allowing HUD to over ride
the Albany City Zoning Code
will only hasten this fate.

An avoidable fate- if only you will
rise up, attend the BZA meeting
and make your views loud and
clear to the BZA and the Mayor-

Weds, Mar 11 5:45 pm Common
Council Chambers City Hall.

Be there early, fill the very small
public seating area, sign up to
make brief, concise statements
for the record. Coordinate your
statements, so they are not
repetitive of others who

Prepare written statements
with you name, address included
hand them to the hearing Clerk
for entry into the record- before
the hearing begins.

If you can't or won't risk going
downtown -
make your views
known by phone, fax, e mail
or written letter to the Mayor
and BZA
( see contact information
earlier post this website)
 BEFORE the Hearing
 marked For Entry to the
BZA Hearing Record 3/11/15
Re: Case #1-15 4230
       Bethany Church

Car pool it down to City Hall
because parking is inadequate.
Also, their is safety in numbers.

You can skip your supper in
order to attend, and be heard

Be mindful that the Mayor
and BZA work for you. You
are not their serfs!

The Late, Great Dan O Connell
will not be able to help you
with this one.

You have to stand up for
your neighborhood, your
homes and the future of the
City of Albany.

Do it!

Thank you.

                Joe Sullivan 

PS, Homeowners in adjacent
Albany neighborhoods - this
fight is your fight too- tell the
Mayor and BZA to DENY
the Bethany Family Promise

Homeowners in the Towns
of Albany County - pay attention
you are next for the HUD grand
transformation of your nice
single family zoned neighborhoods.
Gear up to repel boarders, moves
to annex you, and more.


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