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Sunday, January 11, 2015


Changes in City Zoning that

* invade our existing single family

* attempt to privatize Capital Hills
   (Albany Muni) City Golf Course

* hand over local zoning control
   to the federal government (HUD)

Zoning is a local /state matter not
among the enumerated powers
delegate to the federal government
by the U S Constitution.

Insist that our Governor, state
legislators, and local elected officials
uphold their oaths of office to abide
by the Constitution.

We are working with our neighboring
Eagle Point NA to protect the residential
integrity and quality of life in our
respective neighborhoods. 

Mayor Sheehan has selected
Clarion Associates to do a
comprehensive rewrite of  City
of the city zoning ordinance and
land use regulations.

Beware of that word "comprehensive"
as illustrated by federal legislation
such as obamacare and immigration

Don't we have enough local
talent to amend our own zoning
and land use regulations?

Why do we have a Common Council
and City Corporation Counsel?

Albany Rezoning Kick-Off Forums

Tues 15 January 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Albany City Hall Rotunda

Weds 14 January  1-2:30 PM
200 Henry Johnson Blvd
Community Room

Introduction of  process and
gathering thoughts,  ideas
experiences from stakeholders

Attend, observe, listen, ask
questions, add your two cents.

                          Joe Sullivan


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