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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Summer is on the wane.

A pleasant day today. A cool moonlit start.

A nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, orange
juice, garlic, zucchini bread and tea.

Off to my garden early via bike. A mile or
so away.

Cut some oats, garlic and mint. Wheel
barrowed 7 loads of compost and wood chips.

Top dressed sections and planted with
a late crop of oats.

Harvested some tomatoes, sqaush and

After, about three hours of good work
headed for home before the sun rose
too high in the sky.

A nice lunch of three tomato, garlic
and swiss cheese sandwiches on dark
bread. A couple of mugs of Barry's
Tea  with milk and honey.

Mick and Paddy lay in the back
garden grass, sunbathing for about 15
minutes, as they do on most days.

Drank a bottle of  Saranac Octoberfest
beer. It was brewed only a month prior
by the FX Matts Brewey in Utica about
80 miles West of Albany.

FX Matts is celebrating their 125th
year in brewing. The grandsons carry
on the brewery which their grandfather
began after emigrating from Bavaria to
Utica. He brought his old recipes with

The beer is brewed in the old world
way - no artificial carbonation as with
most American beers.

I visited the brewery many years ago.
Very impressive. They use barley from
Montana and a variety of hops from
Europe and the Pacific NorthWest.

Mick and Paddy took Margaret and me
for a ramble around Buckingham Pond

Jack and Carl and the summer help are
keeping the park in pretty good shape.

The City has raised the pond water level
and treated the water to ward off the
algae blooms that were worse in the
past few years.

The grass along the paths is kept cut
short to minimize pedestrians and their
pets picking up ticks along the way.

The South side of the pond park
around the foot of Lenox at Berkshire
still has a number of problems that
require attention:

1. Dead trees and limbs overhang
    the pathway - posing a hazard
    to passersby on windy days.

2. Boulders or a guard rail still
    are lacking  above the pathway
    below the foot of Lenox. A
    car failing to make the turn
    and going straight ahead would
    drop down on the pathway
    below. Not good for the driver
    and anyone on the path below.

3. The Japanese Knotweed still
     has not been eradicated. It will
     infest the park and residential
     lots accros the street - if not
     dealt with  now.

                                  Joe Sullivan


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