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Monday, March 12, 2012



Plant trees/shrubs to beautify
and improve your property
and neighborhood.

Neighbors can get together
ordering/sharing plants
from the following sources.

Buckingham Pond Conservancy
can do the same for the Pond

Review. Select and order now.

Select plants appropriate for
specific sites. Avoid planting
tall growing trees under power
lines. Dig carefully so as not
to cut or damage underground
utility lines.

Don't plant too close to homes.
Visualize what space a mature
tree/shrub will occupy.

Plant only salt tolerant trees
at curbsides.

Schenectady County S & W Conservation District may
also have offerings.
If you look around the pond park and
your local streets you will observe
that many trees are dead or dying
due to age, vehicle exhausts, road
salt, lawn chemicals and other factors.
Don't wait until the pond park
or your street becames an urban
Plant young  trees and shrubs now
in the pond park, on front lawns
in back yards.
They will , in time, provide beauty
shade, habitat for song birds, winter
windbreaks, reduce erosion and
combat increasing urban air
pollution resulting from growing
vehicle traffic and excessive use
of road salt.
The pond park, your properties
and our neighborhood will be
more valuable and the quality
of our environment and lives
will be the better.
                             Joe Sullivan


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