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Thursday, September 01, 2011


This warning from Officer Romand:

Addressees, please send the following information out to your constituents, students and NA members. I will keep you updated as more information is developed. Take care, Rick Romand

“The APD has observed a slight rise in the crimes of thefts from motor vehicles and thefts from buildings over the past two weeks. In an effort to remove the demand for the stolen goods we would like to remind every citizen to keep valuables in vehicles stored out of sight and to ensure doors are locked during times away from the home. Also, if something looks suspicious….report it. It is not an inconvenience to the Police Department to check into any citizens concern and may very well assist us in apprehending a person who is committing these types of offenses. Be assured that the Police Department is taking rigorous steps to curb these types of issues and appreciates and needs everyone’s cooperation in our efforts. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your beat officer or liaison with any questions or concerns.”
APD is kept busy in mid and downtown.
Community policing? Forget about it!
Feel good, political correctness makes
uptown residents fair game.
Return to flying sqauds and employ decoys
to nail perps.
APD stretched thin. Short manpower. Traffic
Safety Unit disbanded.
Speeders and reckless drivers run amok on
New Scotland Ave, Whitehall, Krum Kill
South Manning, Buckingham, Western
Berkshire and many tributary streets like
Ormond,Euclid, Lenox, Tampa, Davis, Kakely
and Greenway.
Shut up and pay your taxes!
                                              Joe Sullivan


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