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Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Street trees add to property values
by beautifying your property and
neighorhood. In addition, street
trees absorb carbon dioxide and
emit oxygen which helps cool the
air and combat air pollution. Street
trees protect sidewalk pedestrians
from out of control vehicles. Trees
are great air conditioners. Conifers
serve as wind breaks reducing home
heating costs. Trees provide privacy.

Street trees in our hood and citywide
are negatively impacted by vehicle
emissions, road salt, sidewalk and
street excavations, improper pruning
and lack of care.

Road salt, in particular adversely
impacts street trees resulting in the
decline and death of trees.

Homeowners should select salt
tolerant trees for planting at curb
sides where exposure to road salt
is greatest.

Trees planted on front lawns
beyond the sidewalk or curbside
stand a better chance of long term

This Spring take the time to care
for  curbside trees that have been
subjected to road salt.

Read the following:

Plant a salt tolerant tree or shrub
at curbside, or better yet on your
front lawn. Care for existing trees.

For more information, including the
city shared cost tree planting program
go to:

Small tree stock can be obtained from
the county soil and water conservation
tree/shrub sales being held this Spring.
Refer to earlier post this site re:
Buckingham Pond Park.

Note of caution. Before you dig to
plant a tree/shrub, check with utility
companies to determine if buried
lines exist where you plan to dig.

                                  Joe Sullivan


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