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Friday, March 04, 2011


Buckingham Pond Park is sorely in
need of a carefully crafted tree, shrub
and wildflower plan, to beautify the
park, to control shoreline erosion, to
provide habitat for birds and animals
and to provide for long term management,

Albany, Rensselaer and Schenectday
County Soil and Water Conservation
Districts (SWCD) each offer annual
tree/shrub sales where young planting
stock can be obtained at reasonable
costs. Also bagged compost/ wood chips.

Consult the following links for what is
available, costs, quantities, order and
pick dates/locations:

Compare offerings and select those that
are most suitable for Buckingham Pond
Neighbors who participate in this park
planting management plan can use some
of the stock in their own yards, as well
as share it with neighbors who want to
improve their properties.
Do not be dismayed by the small size
of the plants. They are easier to handle
plant and establish. They grow quickly.
The park planting plan can serve to
improve the park and entire neighborhood.
Albany County SWCD orders must be
made by March 18. Schenectady County
SWCD, April 15 and Rennselaer County
SWCD, April 28.
Among the trees that should be considered
are:  White Flowering Dogwood, Red Pine
Sawtooth Oak, Dawn Redwood, Black Hills
Spruce, Canaan Fir,  and Austrian Pine
(salt, air pollution tolerant)

Shrubs include: Juneberry (Serviceberry)
Witch Hazel, Spicebush, Rose of Sharon
Lilac, Forsythia, American Cranberry.

Stream Co Willow and Red Osier Dogwood
are excellent to control shoreline erosion.

I have some Forsythia, Red Osier Dogwood
Lilac and American Cranberry plants/roots
which I would be happy to donate.

The Buckingham Pond Conservancy group
which has adopted Buckingham Pond Park
is meeting this coming Sunday, March 6.

Hopefully, they will prepare a park
planting plan and utilise some of the
plants available from the aforementioned
swcd sources.

                                              Joe Sullivan



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