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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Went rambling with Paddy and Mick.

The Hartman Rd dog park is a muddy
waterlogged pest hole. Parasites and
ticks abound.

With the advent of warming weather
ticks are appearing. This time of
year they are in the form of nymphs
about the size of a pin head.

One female lays about a 1,000
eggs, so ticks are now everywhere.

Under leaves, in woods, in weeds
and brush.

Ticks do not like short grass in
hot weather.

Some dog owners douse their pets
in chemicals, which can be as harmful
as ticks.

Better to know the habits of the
enemy and avoid those times and
places where ticks are lying in wait
to prey on humans and our canine

Ticks are like Jihadists?

                    Albany Muni

The Muni golf course has been abused
by careless dog owners who leave dog
droppings to lie everywhere, and to
let their dogs mingle with children
who go sleigh riding on the hills. Noisey
screaming children and some dogs do
not mix.

Before long, responsible dog owners
will find that they and their well
behaved pals, who enjoy the open
spaces of the course, will be barred
by the City because of  those who
abuse, and do not respect, the privilege.


                      Road Salt

City streets, in particular, New Scotland
Avenue, Greenway, the Muni golf course
parking lot and the State office campus
are blighted by huge residues of the
excessive amounts of road salt dumped
by the City and State, this past winter.

What a waste of money by governmental
units who cry that they are financially
broke. Worse yet, what an careless assault
on the urban environment and all who
dwell here!

The Spring rains can't come soon enough
to wash away all this grime. It will take a
lot of rain.

Hopefully, the City and State will
coordinate street sweeping and
clean up efforts to coincide with
the rains, rather than letting the
salt residues dry out and become
airborne contributing to the
"White Death" air pollution
syndrome that hangs over Albany
every Spring.

Airborne road salt, stirred up by
speeding traffic on New Scotland
Ave  sandblasts the exteriors of
our residential houses creating
a need for more frequent painting
and repairs.

Worse still, this "White Death"
contributes to respiratory problems
like asthma (and breathing). Also,
people suffering from hypertension
are advised  to limit their salt intakes.

Airborne road salt inhaled finds its
way to the lungs and then bloodstream.

People with kidney problems are also
at increased risk.

You can't escape it. Observe the dust
that accumulates on furniture in homes
along the avenues.

Take a walk in the hood. Don't you
notice the sting in your nasal passages
from the airborne road salt?

Take a drive to Thacher Park overlook
and observe the pall of White Death
which hangs over the city and nearby
suburbs that lie in the former glacial
lake bed.

Those allergies that plague many each
Spring are aggravated, if not caused
by this  annual, excessive road salt
dumping mania.

With all the hospitals, physicians and
nurses in the hood, one would think
that someone would take note and
call for an abatement, if not ban of
this annual road salt asssault on the
citizens and environment.

Take a good look at the dying trees that
line city streets. Also, the streets, roads
bridges and parking lots that make up
local transportation infrastructure. Lots
of costly repairs result from the huge
amounts of road salt.

Tough economy? Road salt destroys
your expensive vehicles and tires. How
many new vehicles can you afford?

Maybe, people and governments will
wise up?  Don't hold your breath!


          Buckingham Pond Park

Buckingham Pond Park is a shambles.

Litter, dog droppings and vandalism
are clearly in evidence. Observe the
Milner Ave foot bridge nylon ropes
and the snapped off top of the young
Hemlock, Raft's Way, the road pylon
tossed in the pond, East End.

Observe the large number of dead
or dying trees in the park, particularly
the South shore and West end wooded
areas.  Many of these trees overhang
foot paths presenting a hazard to all
who traverse those paths.

The park desperately needs a tree
shrub, wildflower management plan
both short and long term, to deal
with vegetation succession, as well
as to control shoreline erosion and
eventual infilling of the pond. This
plan is needed to beautify the park
and provide habitat  for birds and

The woodlots need to be thinned
out, brush and vines cut, and
replacement trees/shrubs planted.

These thinnings can be made
available to local residents as firewood
and/or composted in the West End
of the park for use in the park and
by neighborhood residents.

Some of the logs can be used to
reconstruct the bulkheading, South
shore of the pond, between Euclid
and Lenox.

Perhaps, the recently formed
Buckingham Pond Conservancy
will take the lead in these efforts
to improve Buckingham Pond Park?

Assistance can be obtained from the
Albany County Soil and Water
Conservation District, the City
Forester and a forestry department
of a state college/university.

Grants from private sources are
also available.

Emergency phones should be installed
at key locations in the park, such
as the Berkshire parking semi circle,
the Milner Ave foot path at Raft's Way
the foot of Lenox, South side of pond.


            Neighborhood Security

Warm weather , a bad economy and
drug habits mean more crime including
dealing in the park, as well as muggings
vehicle and home thefts/burglaries and

All residents were drafted into our
neighborhood watch several years ago.

The APD is stretched thin and kept
busy in down and midtown. We are
on our own uptown. Criminals know
this. So, it is up to all who live here
to be watchful and alert. Call the APD
as required. But, remember, they will
likely appear...after the occurence.

Jihadists are out and about. They have
checked out likely targets in our hood
including hospitals, schools, churches
synagogues, bridges and utility lines.

Those telephone numbers, again:

APD Center Sq Station 458 5660

Anti-Terror Hotline:

1 866 SAFE NYS (723 3697)

Like it , or not, you are the first
line of defense when it comes to
security in our hood and city.

We have to be the eyes and ears of
the APD and be proactive rather than

                                   Joe Sullivan


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