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Monday, May 03, 2010


The Gulf oil rig explosion? The Boston
water line break? The attempted Times
Square bombing?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that our
borders and ports are not secure and
tens of millions of illegal aliens have
invaded our land, along with some
"legal immigrants" who are bent on
our destruction.

Politicians at the federal, state and local
levels are engaged in politics as usual
while ignoring the priority issue -
keeping America and all Americans safe.

Political correctness in dealing with public
security and safety, promoting amnesty for
illegal aliens, political units providing
sanctuary for illegal aliens, failing to crack
down on terror cells present in country
allowing Islamic radicals to recruit
prsioners in our prison system, and failing
to disarm gangbangers, and other anti-social
malcontents, who are the natural allies of the
foreign terrorists, seeking our destruction; is
putting America, and all Americans, at
grave risk.

The Albany Common Council has passed
Resolutions promoting Albany as a sanctuary
city and Resolutions sympathetic to convicted

Fortunately, Albany Mayor Jennings
recognizes the threats that terrorists present.

Once again- security and public safety are
the priority issues at all levels of government.

If we are not safe, nothing else matters!

The reality is that government can't save
us - we must be vigilant and save ourselves
and our loved ones.

It was alert citizens who averted the NYPD
to the smouldering car bomb in Times

Quick citizen action followed up by the
skilled members of the NYPD Bomb Squad
averted hundreds of casualties.

Thus, it falls to each of us to be alert for
potential terrorist individuals and acts
and to alert the local and state police

Albany- APD 458 5660 ------------------
Anti-Terror Hotline:
1 866 SAFE NYS (723-3697)

Fill in your local police/sheriff's number.

9-11 changed our lives forever. We are
at war with an enemy that does not wear
uniforms; an enemy who dwells amongst
us, due to the failure of federal, state and
local governments to effectively address
the priority issues of our time- national
security and public safety.

Joe Sullivan


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