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Sunday, March 28, 2010


As long as the state legislature is in town
we are not safe.

The weekend outing in the park was
cancelled. Perhaps, organizers found
it hard to get a crowd on Palm Sunday
weekend, and when Spring break is
in full sway.

Cautious observers would not count on
Thacher Park, and other parks and
historical sites being spared.

The Governor and State Legislature are
avoiding dealing with the budget shortfall
until after November 2 when they hope to
be returned to office by the voters.

Even if they are not reelected a lame duck
Governor and State Legislature can be very

In either case, they might pass a budget
that includes big tax increases and still close
Thacher and other parks/historical sites.

So, Thacher supporters - beware and alert.


Margaret, Mick, Paddy and me spent both
weekend days roaming the woods. The snow
was gone from most fields and open spaces.
However, in the woods, the snow was still
a foot or more deep. However, it was still
possible to walk, without snowshoes, and
without breaking through the surface snow
which was still frozen enough to support
our weight.

Saturday, was sunny, and the nicer of the
two days. Sunday , South winds were gusting
to 25-30 knots, and we had to be on the look
out for falling branches/trees.

Nevertheless, we went to walk in the woods
because, in all probability the weather will
warm significantly later this week, and that
will be the last of the snow, unless we have
a Nor'Easter or a few lighter snowfalls in

So, our winter Transhumance is coming to
and end. It was one of our best winters ever.

Come Spring and Summer we will have to be
content with lowland walks and occasional
journeys to the uplands of Delaware County.

Our focus is now toward growing vegetables
and flowers.

I planted potatoes, turnips, lettuce, spinach
swiss chard, broccoli, beets and parsley in
mid March during before the pleasant
weather arrived with Spring.

Carrots, parsnips are next to be planted
followed by pole beans, summer squash
and cherry tomatoes when the weather

The raspberries are mowed and we are
looking forward to a good harvest July
through September.

The Fall planted garlic is emerging.

All the planting beds have been insulated
with straw and leaves to protect the crops
from frosty weather than can occur until
mid May.

The flowers include the usual perennials
Daffodils, Tuips, Iris, Coreopsis, Coneflower
Bee Balm, Astibile, Roses, Native and Asian
Lillies, Yarrow, Lambs Ears and Black-Eyed
Susans; as well as annuals including Celosia
Cosmos, Blue Batchelor Buttons, Butterfly
Bushes and Marigolds.

Joe Sullivan



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