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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Took Mick and Paddy for a walk around the

The algae bloom has been pushed to the
East end of the pond by the wind. Colder
temperatures have also reduced the bloom
for now. Later the City will apply copper

The paths need to be resurfaces with coarse

The North shore of the pond exhibits severe
slumping and erosion. Red Dogwoods and
Willows ,as well as other bushes and trees
that tolerate wet conditions and reduce
erosion, need to be planted.

The Danger Keep Off The Ice signs remain
nailed to the trees. Evidence that the City
has paid scant attention to the park.

Litter is in evidence, in the water at the
pond East end, and along the wooded
sections, South side from Euclid to Milner.
Along the Western side of the park
bordered by Davis Ave, also.

Many dead trees and limbs remain uncut
posing a hazard to pedestrians and pets
especially the large tree at the foot of
the path below Lenox, South side.

The vines and brush remain uncut
along the Southern and Western sections
choking trees.

The leaves and brush along the wooded
path between Euclid and Holmes Dale
South shore, need to be raked/cut. Also
the section from Holmes Dale to Milner.
Ticks lie in wait for unwary passersby.

Lots more needs to be done, as indicated
in earlier posts, this blog.

Joe Sullivan



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