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Monday, March 15, 2010


The trees have not begun to leaf out, yet.

Dead trees, many of them large, stand out
clearly, particularly when looking South
across the pond from the North Shore.

Many pose a hazard to people and pets
who use the wooded paths on that side
of the pond on windy days.

Dead trees are also clearly visible in the
wooded Western side of the park bordered
by Davis Ave.

Now is the time to remove the dead trees
decayed limbs, vines and underbrush that is
strangling the younger trees.

The newly formed Buckingham Pond
Conservancy should have it's members
marking vines and underbrush to be
cut and cleared, with orange ribbons.

Young trees that form the next generation
of mature trees, should be marked with
green ribbons.

Dead or severely decayed trees that present
a hazard to people and pets using the paths
should be marked with red ribbons.

Ideally, this should have been done before
the weather turned warmer and the ticks
beneath the leaves began to hatch. Howver
previous posts on this site have been ignored
as have other specific recommendations to
improve Buckingham Pond Park.
(See numerous posts in the archives of this

Members of the Conservancy and city
workers who tend to the above tasks
should be alert to the presence of ticks
when working in the woods.

Additionally, leaves and brush should be
cleared from alongside paths so that ticks
do not hitch rides on people and pets, who
bring them back to homes and yards, thus
spreading the risk of Lyme Disease and
other diseases carried by ticks.

Joe Sullivan



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