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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Let's see if City OGS can do a better job of
plowing main roads like New Scotland Avenue.

Instead of plowing the center lanes and letting
snow and road salt build up in curb lanes, then
sending plows speeding along in curb lanes at
a high rate of speed creating a tsunami of heavy
sludge that breaks over curb islands and
sidewalks and plugs driveways ----- leaving
senior homeowners ,along the Avenue , to move
the heavy sludge themselves, or spend money
(they need to live on and pay their taxes) to have
others clear their walks and driveways, often
twice, or more, because of the lag in city plowing
of the curb lanes, which allows snow/road salt
sludge build up, which, swamps sidewalks and
driveway entrances , that have already been
cleared once by the homeowners or their hired
snow removal outfits.

Try this method - (which was in place during the
Whalen admin, and when Harry Maikels ran OGS)

Have two plows in tandem plow center lanes and
curb lanes in one sweep, both outbound and inbound
on New Scotland Ave. Don't let the snow pile up. Make
a couple of passes each way.

Oh yes.

Use less road salt so as not to deteriorate
road surfaces, our expensive vehicles, kill street
trees and create the "white death" air pollution
which results when the road salt drys and becomes
airborne by the movement of traffic and by winds
particularly in March.

The resultant air pollution presents a health
hazard, particularly to residents who live
along the heavily trafficked main roads.

The airborne road salt also sandblasts the
exteriors of homes, requiring more often
maintenance, painting, chimney repairs, etc
adding to the burden of escalating property
taxes for seniors who are trying to survive
on fixed or reduced incomes.

Lastly, advse drivers to slow down, when
weather and raod conditions require.

Has anyone noticed the large number of
4 sale signs on front lawns along New Scotland
Ave, Buckingham Drive, and other main roads?

The conditions described in this post are
high on the list of contributory factors which
result in homeowners selling out.

Joe Sullivan



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