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CONSERVATIVE ROW C FOR MAYOR CITY OF ALBANY NY November 5, 2013 Election U S Navy Veteran BS Geography, U Wisconsin (Korean GI Bill) MA Geography, U Minnesota (National Fellowship) 30 years as founder and president, Buckingham Pond/ Crestwood Neighborhood Assoc. maintaining/improving neighborhood residential integrity and quality of life. Leadership resulted in creation of Buckingham Pond Park in 1993-94, as well as many other open spaces. See for list of leadership results. Neighborhood website: see also:

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BUCKINGHAM POND PARK CLEANUP MAY 5 is a noble effort arranged, independently by several neighborhood residents. The BPCNA does not sponsor such events because of liability claims that might arise from a participant getting injured or contracting Lyme disease.

Word is that Jack , who has done such a great job maintaining the park, in summers past, will not be returning. We urge Mayor Jennings to assign an elderly gentleman, to tend the park year round, with summer help recruited from among neighborhood youths and seniors, when the work load is greatest.

Buckingham Pond Park is in need of an active neighborhood association Park Committee, to prepare and effect a viable park plan that addresses a variety of needs including, but not limited to: security, safety, lighting, water quality, shore erosion, reducing the application of road salt and lawn chemicals within the park pond watershed, clearing bush and vines that are strangling young trees, planting Red Osier Dogwoods bushes to stabilize pond banks, planting and maintaining trees, wildflowers, bushes, reducing and eliminatng graffiti, installing blue light emergency phones at selected locations around the park perimeter, improving and maintaining pathways, etc. Refer to earlier posts on this site for more details/ideas.
An active Park Committee of neighbors, working with Mayor Jennings and The City Parks Department, can make Buckingham Pond Park the neighborhood jewel its should be.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH. All residents are members. Refer to earlier posts on this site. Our Watch Plan is an active watch made up of fixed obervation locations (homes) supplemented by dog walkers, strollers, joggers, and drivers who have cell phones programmed to the Albany Police Department and NYS Anti-Terror Hotline. APD call: 458 9148/ 458 5660 Anti-Terror Hotline: 1 866 SAFE NYS (723 3697)

Our neighborhood is off limits to graffiti, gangs, crime and criminals! They have gotten the message, but we must remain active and vigilant. Work with the APD.

GUN CONTROL. OPPOSE any efforts, by the City of Albany, or any other level of government to infringe upon or otherwise restrict the Constitutional right of law abiding American citizens to bear arms for the purpose of protecting themselves. Refer to earlier posts, this site.



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