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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Partly sunny, cold, windy day. Buckingham Pond Park and surrounding streets empty.

Excessive road salt dumping evident on streets in pond park watershed, particularly
Lenox Ave N & S of pond and Berkshire. Road salt run off alters ecology of pond
aiding replacement of native fresh water life with salt tolerant invasive plants.

Lots of litter, and yard wastes, on South shore of pond, particularly along Raft's
Way between Holmesdale and Milner. Also, around N & S margins of East End of Pond.

Graffiti on signs, N side of pond, and on utility devices, flower pots along the
S shore and West End Milner Ave footpath.

Footpath bulkheads on S side of pond bewteen Lenox and Euclid badly need repair
and replacement. Lot of used dog dropping plastic bags tossed alongside path here.
Perhaps, some fill and planting of water tolerant bushes like Red Dogwoods would
stabilize this section of pond shore.

Pond bank eroding, N side of Pond near Lenox. Mature tree leaning over pond, sure
to fall when ground softens ans March winds blow. Several mature trees were removed
because of the same leanings, only accentuating erosion/slumping process. Need to
plant hardy bushes like Red Dogwoods to stabilize the bank.

Some blue light emergency phone boxes should be installed on the N and S shores
of the pond, also one by the Milner Ave footpath. This would benefit numerous
elderly walkers and improve park security at night, particularly when drugs and
alcohol use/trafficking occurs on summer nights, particularly around the semi-
circle drive, N side of Pond at foot of Colonial Ave, and in the wooded area
at the West End of the Pond adjoining the Milner Ave footpath.

Everyone who lives in this neighborhood is part of our Neighborhood Watch/Patrol.
APD, anti-terror, and anti-graffiti phone numbers are listed on the prior page.
Keep a sharp eye out and make use of them as needed.



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