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Thursday, April 03, 2014


Walk the south side of Buckingham
Pond Park between Homes Dale and

Red ribbons mark:

1. Dead trees/branches that overhang
the footpaths posing a hazard to those
passing below,

2. Vines that should be cut because
the vines strangle/kill  trees,

3. No guard rail at the foot of Lenox.
A runaway vehicle that fails to make
the bend in the road can overshoot
the ridge and drop down on people
and pets walking the footpath below.

Need evidence that this is a risk?
Just look at the bent guard rail
at the foot of Euclid which has
been hit many times by speeding
vehicles which fail to make the 
bend onto Berkshire.

Red ribbons mark two trees
with dead branches that over-
hang Buckingham Dr between
Lenox and Holmes Dale. These
trees/branches pose a hazard
to vehicles passing by.

Enterprising neighbors might
pick up on the red ribbon use
to mark hazardous trees/branches
elsewhere in the park ( like
around the holding pond West
of ther Milner Ave foot bridge).

Red ribbons can also be used
to mark similar hazards on
neighborhood residential

A few trees on Greenway N/S
need such red ribbon markers.

While walking or jogging in
Buckingham Park take note
of wet paths where water does 
not drain away because 
powdered bluestone flour was
applied. For safety/traction
and drainage - coarse gravel
needs to be applied.

                        Joe Sullivan 


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