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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


January and February are months for

people to slow down. Most do not.

Our winter here in Albany has been
cold with snowfall plentiful.

March is a few days away. The pace
will pick up.  The weather will warm
the snow and ice will melt.

I planted garlic in November and
winter seeded plots with carrots
spinach, lettuce, beets and swiss
chard. They will emerge when ready.

March will be the time to seed the
remainder of the garden with a crop
of oats which should mature in 45
days. The oats draw up nitrogen from
below, and keep weeds at bay. Cut
the oats just before they mature.
Plant among the mowed oats.

A few plots will be set aside for early peas
and spinach.

Red and russet potatoes will be planted
some blocks of sweet corn , some cabbage
turnips and parsnips in April- May

In late May, tomatoes, summer squash
basil, rosemary, pole beans, peppers go

June, winter squash and pumpkins.

The garlic should be ready for harvest
in July along with potatoes, corn.

July and August are for planting
a second crop of spinach, cabbage
broccoli, turnips.

Biggest hazards are the heat, moles
mice, mosquitoes, wood chucks and weeds.

Being fair skinned , the early morning
and late afternoon are the best times
for working the garden.

Water may be a problem, if we have
a drought.

Like my ancestors before me, I have
been a tenant on this bit of land for
more than 3 decades.

A 350 year old white oak tree stands 
nearby, along with two red oaks, the
latter I planted 20 years ago.

A quiet refuge to seek peace and quiet
as well as provide a healthy harvest
for the home table.

                                       Joe Sullivan



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