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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The weather has warmed after
snow and subzero temperatures
before and after Christmas.

Today, the rains are washing
away the grime/salt left behind
by municipal snow plowing.

This is only a temporary
relief. Much winter weather
will occur until March-April.

Looking closely at the aging
maples that line our street, one
can conclude that the years of
salt abuse have taken their toll.

We have a small Red Maple
growing on the curb island
in front of our home. I do my
best to protect that little tree
from the waves of salt laden
heavy slush that speeding city
plows send against the street
trees that grow in the curb 
island between the curb and

There is not much I can do
to protect the tree buds  from
salt spray damage caused by
passing vehicles.

If the City would strictly
enforce speed limits and
prevent speeding vehicles
from passing on the right
in curb parking lanes - that
would reduce bud salt spray
damage and increase traffic
pedestrian safety along this
stretch of New Scotland

Next snowfall will reveal
whether or not the City
improves snow plowing
and removal along the avenue.

Urban forestry is a vital
aspect of maintaining the
residential integrity and
quality of life in this, and
other City neighborhoods.

Young replacement trees
need to be planted along
the streets, so that they
become established, before
all the aging trees come

Instead of planting all
maples. More diverse, salt
tolerant species are needed.

Homeowners need not wait
for the City government to

Do you have a street tree
or two in front of your house?

What are the age(s), condition(s)
of those trees? Are they young?
Old, with rotting branches that
need to be pruned? Are the trees
dead or nearly so? 

No street tree(s) in front of your
house?  Do some research. Select
some more salt tolerant varieties.

Plant a tree, or two in the Spring.

The City may have a tree program.
You can get your own trees from
Soil and Water Conservation
Spring tree/shrub sales or from
local nurseries.

Check to know the location
of underground utility lines
before you dig/plant. Be sure
that the trees you select will
not grow into overhead utility

Drivers. Slow down, particularly
in snow, ice and wet weather.

Do not pass on the right or run
stop lights and signs.

Homeowners. Do your part.
Demand  improved snow
plowing/removal and demand
strict speed and traffic law
enforcement on neighborhood
streets. Be your own urban
forester. Beautify your property
improve your air quality, shade
and property values. Care for
and plant trees.

                      Joe Sullivan


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