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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Took the boys for separate walks around
the pond park this morning.

A bright, cooler day. Jack and Carl were
hard at work on the North shore grass.

The City graded the path down to the pond
Lenox at Berkshire South side. Makes it
safer for walkers. However, the dead tree
overhanging the path, where it joins the pond
is a remaining hazard.

The vines still need to be cut from trees
and the brush cleared around the Hemlocks
South Side between Lenox and Milner.
Maybe, the summer help will be assigned
these chores?

The weeds and brush along the wooded
path- Lenox to HolmesDale are nicely
trimmed, making it less likely for walkers
dods and joggers to have ticks hitch rides.

Vandals have cut more of the nylon lines
on the Milner foot bridge. Also, ripped off
flower plants from the pots at either end.

Grafitti has appeared here and there.

The children's play area is well maintained
as are the picnic areas around the traffic
parking semi-circle at the foot of Colonial
North side.

Water quality is better, accept for some
algae bloom concentrated at the pond East

Water erosion is evident at several locations
along the path, in particular, the Milner Ave
footpath, Berkshire North side and at the
crosswalk, Berkshire at Euclid, South side.
The latter has ruts which pose turned ankle
hazards, if pedestrians are not careful.

All in all, things are ok. People are just
trying to savor the summertime which is
fleeting in these parts.

Joe Sullivan



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